Cosmovitral: Mexico’s Amazing Stained Glass Botanical Garden

artist: Leopoldo Flores

(Image: Lucy Nieto)

Stained glass is invariably associated with place of worship. Yet the lucky residents of the Mexican city of Toluca have a wonderful botanical garden replete with a host of incredibly stained glass windows.  As well as being a superb display of plants and art together, it is a tour de force in what to do with a building once it outlives its original purpose. Leopoldo Flores(born 1934) is a Mexican artist mostly known for his murals and other monumental works which are concentrated in the city of Toluca, State of Mexico.  a large work in stained glass piece both located in Toluca.

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Mountain Streams

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Agnes Denes - Wheatfield: A Confrontation, Downtown Manhattan, 1982.



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